Terms of Service

Terms of Service for Handy Sandy, LLC

 Thank you for your interest in having Handy Sandy, LLC be part of your home.  
 We've created these terms to clarify a number of policies that are important when you hire Handy Sandy, LLC as your professional cleaning service. 

   Cancellation Policy  

 We require a 24-Hour notice of cancellation. If you cancel or re-schedule on shorter notice, a $50 Cancellation Fee will be assessed, payable at the next cleaning service or if cancellation of services, payment is due immediately.   

   Lockout Policy

   Please leave a key, gate code, secret password or provide us with access to your home for all scheduled appointments. If we are unable to enter your home for any reason, a  Lockout Fee will be assessed.  Lockout Fee is the cost of your cleaning appointment, payable at the next cleaning service or if cancellation of services, payment is due immediately.

   100% 24 hour Satisfaction Guarantee* 

  Our services are 100% Guaranteed for 24 hours upon completion*. If we don't clean something to your satisfaction, contact us within 24-Hours and we will return to make it right.  Remember each client has a customized cleaning contract.  If something is amiss and not on your contract, we will gladly re-assess this.  

*Please note that guarantees do NOT apply if: pets and children are left unattended in the home prior to your arrival.  We also do NOT guarantee if your significant other returns home before you do, however we most likely have pictures of what it DID look like when we finished cleaning your home.

  Please note that we will not guarantee our cleaning services if you do not provide approval for the necessary amount of time that is needed to clean your home.  

  NSF/Returned Checks

  All checks that have been declined and/or returned will incur a $50 service fee, per transaction.  Payable at the next cleaning appointment by cash.

  Stop Payment 

 Client will incur all costs to retrieve payment, including but not limited to: attorney fees, filing fees, court fees, time off work . This will be considered 'Theft of Services' and we will proceed according to the law.

   Handy Sandy, LLC Clients   

  Clients of Handy Sandy, LLC should note that our team/solo cleaner will endeavor to complete all cleaning services within the time which you allot. In some cases, services may not be completed in the time frame that you have allotted.  We would love to re-asses your customized cleaning.

   Things We Don’t Clean  

 Sorry but we DO NOT clean litter boxes or pet kennels.  However we do understand accidents happen and we will deal with them accordingly.

If you require cleaning that is deemed BioHazard, special rates apply.  Please contact us for more information.

  Please note that time estimates provided by Handy Sandy, LLC are guidelines and may vary greatly depending on, but not limited to: actual size of home, condition of home, the number of people and pets that have lived in the home, whether you have electricity and water available, whether you are still in the process of moving and whether the home is still furnished or is completely empty.  

Pricing Breakdown