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 How much does it cost? 

 How much is your time worth?  The time you spend with your significant other? Your kids? Family?  

  We provide dependable, trustworthy, confidential services, using Eco-Friendly products.
  Knowing your home is being cleaned with love, care and knowledge, gives you time. Time to spend how you want, not cleaning your home.  Leave that to the experts.  We’ve got a system, we’ll get it Sandytized! With a 100%  24 hour satisfaction guaranteed or we'll come back and make it right. 

  Pricing List can be found under “Pricing” 

 Do you clean homes with pets? Kids? Smokers?

  Sure, if you know they startle easily or have a tendency to nip/bite, we ask that you have them crated or sequestered in a room that we do not access. (excluding kids)    
  Kids under age 7 would be best kept with who they feel comfortable with.     
  Please no smoking while we are there to clean your home. 

 Do you do laundry?  Make beds? 

 Yes, with proper and concise instructions that have been written out, we will do your laundry at your home with your appliances.  We do NOT take laundry off of the premises.  
   ($$Savings Tip$$ Folding laundry is time consuming)  
  Yes, we do make beds with your clean linens.  Are you particular in how your bed is made? Then, please leave us a "how to".

 Can someone be in the house when you are there cleaning? 

 Yes, we always enjoy chasing our clients with our vacuums.  So if you don’t mind moving from room to room and being stuck in one area for up to 15 minutes, then we don’t mind. 

 Is there anything you don’t clean? 

 Cat litter boxes.  Dog kennels.  Pet cleanup (though we do know that accidents happen, we will take care of that)  

   We do charge more if we are cleaning up human bodily functions that are out of the normal realm. This is considered bio hazard and is payable at a rate of  up to $125 hr/per person.     

  Remember, we do not move furniture with the exception of but not limited to: kitchen chairs/small end tables/small ottomans.  We also do not reach above what a 2 step ladder and an extension wand will reach.
 How/When do I pay?  

We accept cash or personal check (please visit our Terms & Policies page on fees that may incur) payable at time of cleaning service. (This does not apply to vacant home clean outs, please contact us for more details)  

We just added direct deposit, contact us for more details.

 Do you give discounts?

  Our cleaning services have already been discounted for you.  We can certainly re-assess your customized cleaning plan to better fit into your budget.  However, keep in mind that we do have a $50-$75 minimum.  

We are sorry but, we can no longer offer discounts by using your products or equipment.  

 Does it matter that I work out of my home? 

 Nope, we actually like to see our clients from time to time.  We also know to work around your scheduled phone calls, clients, etc. (Though we may not get any vacuuming done, this is the understanding we have between our clients that work from their homes)

 I’ve got the flu/cold, and I am on your cleaning schedule, what do I do? 

 Please let us know, we will still come out and clean if you are no longer contagious. This cleaning will take about 30-90 minutes extra and you will be charged accordingly.

 I have cancer, does that matter?  

Yes, please let us know so that we can take extra precaution.

 How far do you travel? 

 I travel to where my clients pay me to go.  I have traveled to Portland and Salem, OR as well as across the US.  Mileage rates are .25 cents per mile/round trip or a round trip plane ticket, including lodging.

 Can I provide my products for you to use?  

Unfortunately, we can no longer do this, due to possible health risks.

 Can I save by providing the supplies you need?

  No, we are able to purchase supplies at a wholesale rate.  However, we can discuss an option if you would prefer your supplies be kept at your home. 

 What kind of products do you use?

 We use a variety of Eco friendly and bio degradable products.  However, there are times that we must use something a bit 'more'.

 What kind of equipment do you use?

  Dyson – I have several types to better suit the needs of your home  O’Cedar spin mop/O’Cedar Flip-Mop/Bona Mop/Shark Steam Mop  Shark Steamer/Pressure Washer/Scaffolding Ladder system, Dremel Versa, Dremel,   Bissell Shampooer,  Rigid Shop Vac & Craftsman Shop Vac,  Leaf Blowers  

 Can I change my customized cleaning plan?  

Absolutely!  We are here to help you. 

 Why is it taking longer to clean than it used to?

  Did your household size change?  Get a new pet?  It could also be due to outside factors that are making their way into your home.  If this is something that we find is going to be occurring on an ongoing basis, we will contact you to discuss your customized cleaning plan.  

 Why doesn’t it take as long to clean now? 

 We develop systems and routines to better help us clean your home more efficiently.  The more times we are there to clean, the better we develop a system.  


 In the event that we encounter bedbugs, we will immediately quarantine our equipment and supplies.  We will then remove our items from your home and contact you.  We will not be able to clean your home until they are taken care of.  You may be responsible for the costs incurred to replace any and all items that were in your home.  You will be responsible for the time it will take to sanitize my equipment properly.  
 Please note that time estimates provided by Handy Sandy, LLC are guidelines and may vary greatly depending on, but not limited to: actual size of home, condition of home, the number of people and pets that have lived in the home, whether you have electricity and water available.

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